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The Queen Esther Project, Inc. (QEP), founded in 2015, has been responsible for 205 global security AM radio shows, has provided urgent needs for Arizona Congolese women and children refugees, and now, collaborating with Kenyan NGO, Agrisystems Foundation, to aid displaced women and children in Kenya COVID and Disaster relief. I offer you the opportunity to join our mission and be listed among the humanitarians we hold in great esteem. Without our donors, we cannot help the less fortunate.  On behalf of those we serve, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Lisa Pandone Benson, Founder & CEO.


The Queen Esther Project: Humanity Speaks

Welcome!  The Queen Esther Project (QEP) is proud to launch its blog, "Humanity Speaks."  The Queen Esther Project (QEP) maintains its mission to educate on tyranny, genocide, and to alleviate human suffering of vulnerable populations, where possible.   Special emphasis on global conflict, antisemitism, refugee resettlement, and poverty in America.  The "Humanity Speaks Blog" is an independent, non-profit news resource not attached to any biased news agency. Lisa Pandone Benson is at the helm of QEP.  Her three decades of humanitarian, geo-political, and nonprofit expertise, along with her years on am radio as a national security broadcaster, bring in-depth analysis. "Humanity Speaks" delves into diverse subjects shining light in a dark, troubled world.



Learning, Building, NGO Capacity From Experts

The Queen Esther Project has re-launched "The Institute Of Global NGO Development." The mission is to bring expert development knowledge via remote learning to underserved areas of the globe.  Write for further details.

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