Syria's President Assad NO Friend Of Christians. Believing So Is Dangerously Wrong

By Byron Teran


By: Pastor Andrew Terry, USAF (retired) Intel Analyst

April 9, 2017


A recent narrative has surfaced that would paint President Assad as a protector of the dwindling Syrian Christian minority.

It should be understood, first of all, that the Christian population of Syria must be considered a Dhimmi population (2011 1.25 Christians/2016 less than 500,000).

They live under the subjugation of their Syrian rulers. In 2013, they were clearly reminded of this fact when seeking permission to construct a Catholic University and were soundly rebuffed. Until recently, they enjoyed relative stability; however, as Catholic Priest and author Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith observed, "stability they enjoyed was the stability of a graveyard."

As Dhimmi (non Muslim) Christians have paid a from of the Jizya (tax) with their silence, and I suspect they were shielded from violence through a more traditional understanding of Sura 9:29 where the Prophet commanded that the Dhimmi be protected.

They have witnessed, firsthand, the atrocities that may in the west have only recently begun to see. They knew (and continue to know) that to follow the Judeo-Christian mandate of speaking truth to power would be met with brutal, terminal cause.

Given the weight of this, I would conclude that believing that the Assad regime is a friend of Christians is a produce of bringing dangerously under-informed.

Vladimir Putin is another who has been cut as a "defender of the Faith."

To answer this: It is very important to understand how Christianity is seen through the eyes of Mr. Putin and plurality of Russians.

When an American hears the word "Christianity," most understand this as a blanket term that encompasses the panoply of denomination ranging from Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox churches.

Though some arch fundamentalists may disagree, the great majority accepts this.

In Russia, to say "Christianity" is to infer the Russian Orthodox Church, other Orthodox Churches (Greek, Serbian, Coptic, etc) and Eastern Rite Catholic Churches.

Beyond this nearly every other denomination is NOT ONLY considered HERETICAL SECT, but is banned/repressed within Russia.

Much of Western/American Christianity has no place or purpose in Vladimir Putin's world.

Only G-d can judge Mr. Putin. We can only observe him.

In this, it is clear that his understanding of the Orthodox Church of his empire; it is to be used for his personal gain.

Likewise for Syria's President Assad.

May we all be found wise and discerning. Remember, "if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask G-d who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given to him."

Pastor Andrew Terry

USAF (retired) Intel Analyst

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