By Almira Cambalon

A Tribute To Victims and Heroes


This evening at sundown begins the annual memorial event remembering the victims of the Holocaust. The full name, "Yom Hashoah Ve Hagevurah," otherwise known as "Day of Remembrance of Holocaust and Heroism."

As I do every year, I will light a yahrzeit candle for the six-million victims, and for my dad, a concentration camp liberator.

Never Again, means NEVER AGAIN!

Never Again for Jews Christians, Armenians, Sudanese, Rwandans, Yazidi, and all persecuted people in harm's way of tyranny and genocide.

My dad took the photo above on the day he liberated Ohrdruf Concentration Camp, Germany, April 4, 1945.

This photo is part of a series of photos my dad took as a "soldier responsibility" to chronicle the atrocity - 12 packets in all. I carry one packet with me, always.

The eleven other packets of photos are housed at the United States Memorial Museum, Washington, DC, where my dad's testimony to the atrocities is honored.

There is no question that the stories my father told me, and the screams I heard in the middle of the night from his bedroom (nightmares), shaped my life. It also fueled my determination to end tyranny and genocide. The Queen Esther Project, a not-for-profit organization educating to end tyranny and genocide, was born out my upbringing and personal conviction to end human suffering.

Tomorrow morning, Monday, all of Israel will hear the wailing sound of sirens - a blast befitting to memorialize the memory of six million - Israel will stop wherever they are to bow their heads in a moment of silence.

How profound that at the same time on Monday, as we mourn six-million, France will be engaged in a run-off election that includes the candidate for the "populist" political movement in France, The National Front. The party was founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen, a notorious anti semite and bigot -- now his daughter, Marine Le Pen carries the torch.

Marine Le Pen, and her draconian dogma include banning Yarmulkes and dual citizenship for Jews with Israeli-French passports.

That "nationalism" of Hitler created the Jewish Holocaust as evidenced in the photo above. The "nationalism" inherent in Le Pen's political party very well may foster a similar outcome.

Please give a listen to a compelling and emotional Holocaust broadcast, Lisa Benson, Host.


Written, April 23, 2017

Lisa E. Benson (Lisa Pandone Benson)

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