"He Who Runs After Good Fortune Runs Away From Peace."

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The Story of Donald Mutuku Syuma.

In my life, in my career, I have had dinner with presidents and prime ministers. At the age of 19, on the eve of my 20th birthday, I had two days in Venice, Italy with Dr. Anna Freud, Sigmund's brilliant psychoanalyst daughter. A meeting that shaped my life in many ways bringing light, through conversations, on "humanitarian." Now, in my late-stage career, I have been introduced to the most wonderful humanitarian African man of humility, and integrity.

First, What Is A Humanitarian?

"An individual concerned with promoting human welfare; a philanthropist."

One would think a "humanitarian" is common practice. Of course, everyone is concerned about human suffering? Not so. "Global Humanitarian Overview" asserts that in 2020, nearly 168 million people will need humanitarian assistance and protection. This equates to one in every 45 people. There are less than 4,000 humanitarian organizations in the world! The need is great; the motivation to help others on far away continents is underwhelming.

Allow Me To Introduce You To A Humanitarian

His name is Mr. Donald Mutuku Syuma. He is my Kenyan business partner in a new NGO project to alleviate the human suffering of a very impoverished areas of Kenya. To my surprise, I have found a colleague with which I can entrust all aspects of my life, and with no hesitation. I know his family, he knows all about mine. The reason is simple: He has no pretenses. He is a simple man with a career in the diplomatic service of Kenya. I trust him implicity. Two -years ago when we met, there were complications in our association. A few months ago, I heard from him again to discuss a path forward bringing our mutual interests, as well as expertise to a noble project in Kenya.

Donald Mutuku Syuma was born, and raised, in the village of Ivutini, Keyna. An impoverished area where one lives, one dies, and one suffers.

Mr. Donald is a learned man. I asked him how he elevated himself out of Ivutini to attend college as no one ever leaves the village to rise to be an executive with the World Bank -- which is exactly what Mr. Donald did.

Today, our conversation drifted to matters of how Mr. Donald managed a college education having lived in such poverty. Our phone connection was rattled with interference, but I managed to hear enough to bring me to tears. It's a tale of opportunity, tenacity, and good fortune. It just so happened, an American man showed up in Ivutini, and was fascinated by a young Mr. Donald. He spent the night with Mr. Donald's family by sleeping on the floor. The bed bugs were biting so bad that the American could not bare to know that Mr. Donald would be in that shanty town for the rest of his life. Little did Mr. Donald realize the man had American wealth, and connections. The American offered to pay for Mr. Donald's education, and made introductions to the World Bank after college.

But that's not all...

Mr. Donald could do many things with his life now. He has had a brilliant career, a loving family, and a daughter who wants to be a doctor. Instead, he has decided to dedicate the remainder of his life to bringing clean water, shelters, schools, and hospitals to Ivutini. That is the project we will work on together for the next several years. He wants to give back, not sit back!

Mr. Donald could run toward fortune. Instead, he chooses to live the rest of his life in peaceful service to his fellow Kenyans. I consider myself one very lucky person to call him my friend. Few times in life is it possible to connect so profoundly with a human who puts God over all else.

Over 73,000 Kenyan Children are severely malnourished.

Remember, "He Who Runs After Good Fortune, Runs Away From Peace." A good African proverb, and a new African friend.

Please visit Mr.Donald Mutuku Syuma's credentials at:

Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa Pandone Benson

President, The Queen Esther Project.

P.S. Please consider joining our campaign, "Tree Of Life For Kenya Relief & Self Reliance." All levels of donations welcome. Cumulative gifts for this campaign over $1000 will receive a hand-written note, and a gift from Kenya.

The Queen Esther Project, in collaboration with, Agrisystems Foundation, Donald Mutuku Syuma, CEO, are focused on three neglected villages of Kenya. The three-year plan to bring clear water, sanitation, hospital, has phases to 1) RELIEF to villages suffering from COVID, locusts, famine; and, 2) Phasing into long-term self reliance of education, and farming, along with micro financed industry.

Please join the humanitarian effort. You name (first name only) will appear on a TREE OF LIFE banner in Kenya, in perpetuity. If you would like your full name, we will accommodate that as well. Your compassion is greatly appreciated. For sure, humanitarian compassion is the most noble in the world.



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