Updated: Aug 27

It’s 1400 years of Caliphate ambition that motivated the attack today in Kabul. Make no mistake, the Jihadist is in conflict with infidels, but they also fight each other. The overarching goal is to create a Shariah world — a world that is repressive, oppressive, and steeped in 14th century Islamic law. Intelligence reports indicate a likely ISIS-K attack which killed 13 US military (18 injured) and more than 70 Afghans. Many casual in serious condition. The Pentagon, along with President Biden, vow to hunt down the terrorist apparatus, and obliterate it. Consider this a war with ISIS-K, whether we want it or not.

In a bizarre twist, it is possible that the Taliban is in competition with ISIS-K. This is the blurry lines between, and among, Jihadists. They fight each other for the “spoils” of the land grab. At stake, trillions in natural resources.

” We will hunt you down” (President Joe Biden today) is a declaration of war.

In my years of counterterrorism experience, this war will manifest in European cities, as well as in the United States.

Islamic Jihad Caliphate ebbs and flows. It regroups, subsides, and continues on in recruitment. We are now in active Jihad once again .

Lisa Pandone Benson

Sr. Terrorism Commentator , The Queen Esther Project

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