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Lisa Pandone Benson, The Queen Esther Project. ORG

May 12, 2021 ~ 6:18 pm

Tensions between Israel and Palestinians are raging out of control as conflict continues for the third day. As of this writing, 65 Palestinians, and 7 Israelis, have been killed. More than 1,500 rockets have been launched from GAZA (courtesy of Hamas/Iran) on cities throughout Israel -- as far away as 90 miles from GAZA. The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) have responded with a their own barrage of missiles onto HAMAS targets in GAZA.

HAMAS houses their military arsenal in the buildings of hospitals and schools to deter Israel from bombing. Noted in 2014, Operation Protective Edge, HAMAS used human shields in places where if bombed would appear as a humanitarian offense by the IDF. In reality, they are military fortifications that ALSO provide schools, and medical care. Reports indicate that HAMAS continues to use this strategy.

None of this happens in a vacuum. Last week, Jerusalem's Aqsa Mosque was a fuse ignited as a result of long-simmering tensions between Jews and Arabs. It boiled over with repeated clashes between Ramadan worshipers, and police at Islam's holy site - al Asqa Mosque. At least 205 Palestinians, and 17 police officers were wounded last Friday, May 7, 2021, in clashes. Palestinians throw rocks, and ignited a fire, over restrictions on gatherings on the Temple Mount during Ramadan. It is possible, only my educated opine, that Israel learned of a brewing HAMAS/Iran/Islamic Jihad intentions plan for a Ramadan escalation, and tried to thwart it.

Further, There is also pending eviction of Palestinians from East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah to be replaced with Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem.

Progressive Liberals point fingers at the Sheikh Jarrah possible PA displacement as the catalyst for the current crisis. NOT SO FAST! It is not the reason Iran supplies HAMAS/HEZBOLLAH with an arsenal of weaponry. It is absolutely a false narrative disguised as WOKE enlightenment being used to fan the flames of conflict, and paint Israel as a war crimes apartheid nation.

Interestingly, Palestinian Islamic Jihad - PIJ - (also engaged in the fighting), is a Damascus-based Palestinian Islamist organization formed in 1981. PIJ together with HAMAS and six other factions are members of the Alliance of Palestinian Forces, which rejects the OSLO ACCORDS and whose objective is the establishment of a sovereign Islamic Palestinian state. PIJ rejects any notion of a two-state solution and promotes the military destruction of Israel.

One need only look at the HAMAS charter to understand their agenda:

HAMAS is a Palestinian Islamic extremist terrorist organization based in GAZA, and the West Bank/Judea Samaria, whose leadership lives in Qatar. Both the European Union, and the United States, have designated HAMAS as a terrorist organization.

The HAMAS covenant, issued in 1988, is replete with anti-Semitism. It reads as follows:

"The land of Palestine is an Islamic trust. it is forbidden to anyone to yield or concede any part of it. Israel will continue to exist until Islam obliterates it."

Thereby, the leaders of HAMAS have denounced compromise with Israel as a betrayal of the Palestinian cause.

The terrorists are accomplishing their mission. They have succeeded in an extraordinary amount of anti- Israel rhetoric on social media, and they have Progressive Liberals joining the ranks of anti-Israel movement in in mass. Progressives like to fight for the underdog - and that is the Palestinian people against the big well-funded machine of Israel. I say to these WOKE enthusiasts, "Where is Yasser Arafat's billions today?" If the Palestinian people had the money raised for them by Arafat, they would have not needed to vote for HAMAS.

In Summary:

In an ugly turn of events today, violence swept in cities across Israel. Rioting of unfathomable proportions of Arabs attempting to lynch Jews, and Jews attacking Arabs, A scene I never thought I would see in my lifetime. The Jewish people respect life above all - even the lives of their enemies. For what have we become?

I will tell you what Israel has become?

Israel is emulating THEM...dividing us along all possible lines in an effort to divide and conquer.

Let's recall the brilliant words of Prime Minister Golda Meir:

“Those that perished in Hitler’s gas chambers were the last Jews to die without standing up to defend themselves.” ~ Golda Meir


The HAMAS AGENDA is not about freeing Palestine. It has an overarching goal of obliterating Israel, driving Jews into the sea, and manifesting a Middle East caliphate. They will accomplish this nicely with the help of Iran's money. We must be certain that not one American dollar goes to Iran for any nuclear negotiation purposes. They will fund terror with the cash. For the sake of Jewish children, and Palestinian children, we must combat this menace with smarts, a higher calling, and an Israel government operating with integrity, and not political ambition .

Lisa Pandone Benson

The Queen Esther Project.ORG

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